The Three Pools & Wadi Gnay

Jeeps leave the Hotel for the Three Pools & the Golden Box for snorkeling & enjoying the landscapes, then move to the oasis inside the mountain, enjoying Bedouin songs & tea.

The Hotel Supplies:
  • Jeeps
  • Masks, Tubes, Flippers and Lifejackets
  • Drink in a café
  • Place for spending the day

A short half-hour drive, leaving at 10am, takes us to the stunning Three Pools area, where the mountains meet the sea. You will have glorious 3 hours to snorkel, sunbathe, and have some lunch (not included) then we will ride camels inland, into Wadi Gnai (the Gnai Valley) for 40 minutes, up to the oasis to see the fresh water flowing between the rocks. You’ll be back in Dahab by 5pm.